True Blue Cask Strength

True Blue Cask Strength

Straight Corn Whisky

buttered toast, grapefruit pith, overripe banana, fresh cut bell pepper, corn oil, candied pecan, forest floor, cinnamon, sweet oak
oily texture with maple syrup, dried apricot, pralines, cajeta, jasmine, spice, masa
warm and long finish with supple notes of raw honey, coffee cake, and dried chilies

Crafted from Scratch

At barrel proof, True Blue Cask Strength preserves the bold flavors and aromas straight from our premium barrels. Select casks yield a power expression of our blue corn whisky that opens with deep notes of brown sugar, roasted nuts and buttered toast, while lingering honeysuckle and citrus accents usher in a long finish with hints of cinnamon. Crafted from scratch at Balcones, and held to the highest standards of quality, this whisky can be enjoyed “as is” or with as much water as you prefer.

Annual Releases

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