French Oak

French Oak

A Special Release

browned butter, raw sugar, clove, fresh rosemary, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, polished leather, caramelized peaches, overripe tangerines
oily and coating, black tea, bittersweet chocolate, vanilla bean ice cream, green peppercorns, underripe mango, dulce de leche, burnt toast with butter
long and clean finish with bitter chocolate, white pepper, allspice, and eucalyptus

Old World Meets Texas Whisky

Made from classic ingredients and matured in French oak casks, it blends the sophistication of Old World traditions with the boldness of Texas whisky. The French oak casks highlight delicate aromas of stone fruit, clove and thyme. The palate is rich with notes of baked fruit, toasted malt and dark chocolate, and finishes with distinction. As the exceptional nature of this whisky captivated our senses, we hope it will delight yours as well.

Special Releases

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